I really wanted to share with you guys some foods and stuff that I’ve been using a lot lately and loving!

sun-warrior-rice-protein-chocolate-powder-1000-g-22461-0059-16422-1-productbigSun warriors classic raw vegan chocolate protein:

I’ve never really liked the taste of protein powder but this one is different. I find it actually really good in my breakfast smoothie or just blended in ”milk or even water! I think Sun Warrior just really hit home run with this powder, cheers to them!


Bike rides:

I’m really into running but there’s just something about waking up at 6 a.m and going out on a bike ride. I feel like I see the world in a different perspective and it makes me happy. I live in the country so when I bike I always go past sheep or horses and it’s so wonderful to just stop and look at these beautiful animals and maybe even feed them some grass if they want me to. When I’m too tired to run in the mornings biking is also a good choice because I still get in my morning cardio and I will feel a thousand times better than if I would have just slept for an hour more. If you haven’t made a habit out of biking yet, you should.

F0013Medjool dates:

Did anyone else get super excited just now? Just me? ok.

I always used to buy my dates in bags and I was always so frustrated with how dry the dates would be and un-caramel like so I guess you can say that my life changed for the better when I tried medjool dates for the first time. Now I only buy in boxes, I wish I would’ve realized how much better quality the dates in boxes are compared to the ones in bags.

14385_83261_900px51398.15.jpg.51398.15E.L.F’s BB Cream:

I bought this bb cream last month and I can honestly say it is the best one I’ve tried! It blends perfectly with my skin and color and makes my face look flawless! Also I don’t feel like it gives me a ”fake-look”, it looks natural. E.L.F is a cheap cosmetic brand that does not test on animals, I really hope everyone will check them out the next time they’re in the need for cosmetics because it is important to stay away from brands that test on animals.

sojabonspasta_0.högerspaltA la Eco soya bean pasta:


This + 1tbsp PB + 2 tbsp soy sauce and 1 tbsp tamari = heaven.

Who says vegans don’t get protein? this thing right here: 50gr of protein in one serving. Yub.

You should really try this. Seriously.


do it.



My favorite butt blasting exercise:

This one really hits the spot every time. If you haven’t tried it yet go do it! try 4-5 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

If you’re interested I’ve made a special Booty-training plan (a month) you can check it out here.



Until next time,