New opportunities

This month has been busy to say the least. I finished my second year in college and started my summer job.

I haven’t had many chances to write blog posts and I’m sorry about that, I promise that I’ll be more diligent in the future.

But I have some new things to share with you guys that have happened in the last few weeks.

Featured in a magazine!

My recipes will be featured in the next copy of a really popular magazine here in Iceland called Nýtt líf. To get an email from one of the supervisors was really exciting. I was actually on the bus home when I saw the email and I called my boyfriend immediately with the news and then my mum and then I messaged my best friend. I got really pumped and happy about all of this and when I got home I sat straight down and started coming up with new recipes to share. I made a peanut-chocolate brownie with soy cream, chili bean lettuce cups, Banana-”milk”shake and rosemary sweet potato fries. Sounds amazing, right? I’ll share the recipes as soon as the copy is out or if you live in Iceland you can just buy the copy.. I know I will! It was really stressful to get everything right and pretty before the photographer came but it all turned out pretty great.


My lettuce cups..

20150518_125448mmmm the peanut-chocolate brownie..

20150518_125504The milkshake

20150518_125521and finally the detox water

I’ll post pictures of the magazine when it comes out!


Joining Gymnut?

This week I got an email from Kyle at Gymnut and he invited me to join the pack of great trainers at Gymnut. At the time I had no idea what gymnut was and had never heard of it. After looking into it, I decided to take the next step for my career and joined in. Here’s my gymnut page and please make your own account and help me get started and be one of my first clients! (ppsshh I actually published a ab routine earlier this week, you should check it out)

Gymnut is a website with workouts and programs that are made by trainers all over the world. You can get your own trainer or buy programs, it’s really fun and a great place if you need some motivation! We are launching an app soon! Exciting times!