Why did I go vegan?


Since I was little I always loved animals, I’ve had pets my whole life and always looked at them as one of the family. I grew up in the country so not only did I grow up in a farm but I’ve also been to many farms and seen the farm animals and how they are treated. Weirdly I never saw anything wrong with how all these chickens were crammed in tiny boxes, the calves were never by their mothers side and how the cows were constantly connected to a milking machine.

About a year ago I started having severe stomach aches that lasted for days in and out. Doctors did not know what might be wrong and just threw me all those pills in a hope it would get better. I was drinking and eating a lot of dairy, thinking it was healthy and I was also stuffing my face in chicken because hey you gotta get that protein in right?? If someone could’ve just snapped some sense in me.. It was all getting really hopeless and I would just not eat until I couldn’t take it anymore and I’d have some KFC or something of the sort just to get some calories in.

I got curious of veganism through the blogilates app since many of the girls on there were vegan and I thought their food looked yummy and they looked so strong and healthy. I watched the film Earthlings and there was no going back. I decided to go vegan. It was hard to convince my family into letting me do it at first but when they saw I was eating and that my stomach aches were almost completely gone they decided it was ok.

My family should really have a round of applause though, even though they still eat animal products they are supportive and respect my way of living and so does my boyfriend and his family. I am truly lucky to be surrounded by good and supporting people, I really am.

Believe me the road to my eating habits today was not easy and I made my mistakes of not looking at the ingredients list closely enough or not eating to much. But it was all worth it, I feel better in my own body knowing that it is not a graveyard for animals, I feel stronger and fitter than before and my conscience is clear.

I am living life in peace with the earth and the animals, cruelty free.